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First Solo Exhibition: Tempus Fugit

We often utter the famous words ‘time flies’ and I am sure that in the past months many of us found themselves in the situation where they wished that they could make time fly, yearning for the day when they can be set free from lockdown or self-isolation.

The combination of broken watch parts with vintage animal charms that each could fly if they were real. Giving life to otherwise damaged and unwanted watch parts and upcycling them into new forms of jewellery thus creating the idea of ”timelessness‘’.

You are invited to take a nostalgic journey and imagine where those watch parts might have been, whom they belonged to and the adventures they might have had tens of years ago. With this exhibition, you can observe the workmanship of these watch parts from the post-war era and look closely at how they have now been reimagined with the addition of interesting beads, charms and other components.

The vintage jewellery pieces have a story, bringing the past to the present and have had another life before they have reached you. Each vintage item is hand-selected for the way it captures the essence of what vintage means to us and to you.

Marcon is the only artisan to create earrings, necklaces and bracelets in this style through a selection of story themed necklaces, mixed media compositions and recycled clock parts. Atelier Nineteen does not make use of single-use plastics, gives new life to otherwise damaged watches and upcycles old jewellery into Wearable Pieces of Art.

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